Create a new database

Configure your API-KEY and database connection in your environment variables: NT_API_KEY and NT_ALIAS_[ALIASNAME]
Connection string form: adapter://user:password@host/database or adapter://user:password@host?database=database
Supported database adapters: sqlite3, postgres, mysql, mssql

For examples:

  • NT_ALIAS_DEMO=sqlite3://data/database/demo.db
  • NT_ALIAS_PGDEMO=postgres://postgres:password@localhost:5432/nervatura
  • NT_ALIAS_MYDEMO=mysql://root:password@localhost:3306/nervatura
  • NT_ALIAS_MSDEMO=mssql://sa:Password1234_1@localhost:1433?database=nervatura

Create a new database:

./nervatura -c DatabaseCreate -k [YOUR_API_KEY] \
  -o "{\"database\":\"[your_lowercase_alias_name]\",\"demo\":false}"

You can use the ADMIN GUI Database section:

Alias name: your_lowercase_alias_name
Demo database: false

The SQLite databases are created automatically. Other types of databases must be created manually before. For testing you can fill in the database with some dummy data (demo=true). If you don’t need those later, then you can create a blank database again. All data in the database will be destroyed!

Optional: Install Nervatura Report templates to the database

  • Login to the database: ADMIN GUI
    Username: admin
    Password: Empty password: Please change after the first login!
    Database: your_lowercase_alias_name
  • List reports: Returns all installable files from the NT_REPORT_DIR directory (empty value: all built-in Nervatura Report templates)
  • Install a report to the database