Overview #

Reports related to a specific transaction (eg. order, invoice, etc.) or resource (eg. customer, product, etc.) can be found at the form including the data themselves. In this section other, general-purpose reports are available, which are processing the data for a given period or related to a specific work flow.
Reports can be installed into databases. The kind of reports to be seen in this menu will depend on the database you are logged in and the reports available there.
The Nervatura Framework supports several report types. Nervatura Reports are fully supported by Nervatura Client, and you can also export report data into CSV (Comma Separated Values) files.

Operations #


Own filter criteria can be defined for each report. The number and type of these depends on the given report. The program handles the following filter types: bool, date, integer, float, valuelist, string.


Export report data to Comma Separated Values file.


PRINT PDF, PDF EXPORT, XML EXPORT. For more information see the DATA EXPORT