Nervatura Client

Nervatura Client #

Open Source Nervatura Client Web Component. Built-in Help related to a certain function is easily accessible from all interfaces of the program. The program includes a built in Report Editor which provides the possibility to modify the existing Nervatura Report templates or based on these create new ones.

The Nervatura Client currently supports the following management tasks:

  • DOCUMENT: offer, order, worksheet, rental, invoice, receipt
  • PAYMENT: bank statement, petty cash
  • STOCK CONTROL: delivery, stock transfer, correction, tool movement, production, formula
  • RESOURCES: customer, product, employee, tool, project
  • ADMIN: default settings, doc. numbering, access rights, menu shortcuts, database log
  • DATABASE: additional data, groups, place, currency, tax, company
  • USER: program settings, change password
  • BUILT-IN report editor, help, bookmarks

Try DEMO Database:

  • Username: admin or demo
  • Password: leave the field empty, not needed
  • Database: demo