Report notes

Overview #

Documents created with REPORT TEMPLATE (offer, order, invoice, etc.) can be supplemented with additional information.

  • You may specify a longer text, which may vary for each transaction and can provide the customers with additional information on the delivery terms, warranty rights, opening hours, etc.
  • Simple formatting can also be made to the texts: bold, italic fonts, lists, indents.
  • From text predefined text templates can be created. The text templates are stored as document types in the program.
  • For each document type a default text template can be defined. These will be loaded and saved by the program for each newly created document automatically.

Operations #


Create a new text template. The transactions do not affect the text in the edit box. For adding a new one the program will request the name of the template. The templates are stored as document type.


Delete the selected text template.


To make the selected text template default.


Loading the selected template text.


Save the edited text of the selected template.

When the text template is loaded the text in the field will be overwritten, and when it is saved the text in the template will be the amended one!