Overview #

In Nervatura those logistic points where our own or someone else’s assets and resources are recorded or physically stored, belong to a special group called PLACE. These are the warehouses, but also the petty cash, where cash is stored and even a virtual place like the bank account belong to this group.

Input fields #

Place No. #

Unique ID, generated at the first data save. The format and value of the next data in row is taken from the DOCUMENT NUMBERING (code = planumber) data series.

Type #

bank, cash, warehouse

Description #

Short description.

Currency #

The elements of CURRENCY. Only for bank and cash types, appears after first save. Its default value is taken from DEFAULT SETTINGS default currency.

Address data #

Zipcode, City, Street

Comment #

Remarks field.


Unlimited number of supplementary data can be added.


Firtsname, Surname, Status, Phone, Mobile, Other, Email, Comment
Unlimited number of contact data can be added.

Operations #




Set a bookmark for the record. Later can be loaded from bookmarks at any time.