Document Item

Input fields #

Product No. #

One of the items of the PRODUCT. Field filling is compulsory. Its value can be defined using a search field but can be set with the help of a barcode as well.

When the product has been chosen the program will display on the form all available (already defined) data about the product: Description, Unit, Tax Rate, Discount, Unit Price.

The price of the product is searched by taking into account the following criteria: (product and transaction side), current day, currency, volume, customer. With specified amount (if zero, then adjusted to one) calculates the Net Amount and Amount prices based on the Unit Price.

Description, Unit #

By default, the Product Name and Unit, but ones are free to specify any data.

Tax Rate #

A valid item of the TAX. By default, the Product Tax. If it is changed the program will recalculate the values.

Own Stock #

Technical field for creating specific reports. Usage is optional.

Option #

OFFER. To indicate special/optional items of the offer. Usage is optional.

Deposit #

INVOICE. To handle the item lines of the advance payment.

Discount #

By default the value of the CUSTOMER discount field. If the product has a valid customer price, the value will always be zero!

Quantity, Discount, Unit Price, Net Amount, Amount #

If any of the fields is changed, based on the indicated value the program will recalculate the others.